Information on International Conference on Global Environment, Carbon reduction, and EcoDrive

On October 17th 2014, WAFUNIF (The Wold Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows) will host an International Conference on Global Environment, Low Carbon Society and EcoDrive at the United Nations Head Quarters. (EcoDrive Conference)

The aim of this conference is to have discussions on the global environment from transport sector, new technology for transport and environmental protection, solution by EcoDrive, a method which contributes to improvement of fuel economy and reduction of traffic accident by mindfulness of people, also on global transportation and environmental policy.

This conference is cooperated by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, American Automobile Manufacturers Association, and special contribution by Ministry of Environment of Japan.

This is the first EcoDrive conference to be held in UN Head Quarters, that aims to promote EcoDrive in global scale, by having a good coordination with UN missions, Automobile Associations, and automobile users.

This conference is cosponsored by Asua Corporation of Japan, a company approved by WAFUNIF.