Application Procedure for Press Interview

For the mass media  Submit before Friday, November 18, 2016

★Press Interview application is required to the UN in advance.
★Please fill out the attached application form and submit it via email to the contact below.
■Please apply following the procedures below

※If more than one person, please fill out the form per person.

■Application flow

①Please download the application form from the below link:
②Fill out the form
③Email the form to the International Conference Japan Office at
※Email: m-nakamura@asua.
④Japan office will send Conference details.
⑤UN security pass for press will be provided on the conference day.

■Maps of UN area and Conference venue



①Please BRING YOUR PASSPORT to the UN to go through the security check.
②There is a possibility of being rejected to enter the UN if your names on application and passport do not match or the participant list is changed after November 19.


International Conference Japan Office
In ASUA Inc., 1-11 Ogondori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Japan
TEL: (81) 52-452-6668 Liaison: Nakamura (Ms. )
Email: m-nakamura@asua.

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