Ecodrive Declaration


On October 17, 2014, WAFUNIF and ASUA held International Conference with the theme of Global Environment, Carbon Reduction and EcoDrive.
We had a wonderful discussion in this conference regarding environmental measures in automobile industry, measures for energy and transportation, case studies of environmental measures by EcoDrive, and environmental policy well into the future. Based on the result, we held ‘Conference in Nagoya’ in October, 2015 as a side event of 10th (Tenth) anniversary of “Aichi World Expo” in Nagoya, Japan and ‘Paris Conference’ as a side event of COP21 in France in the same year.
Summarizing the past discussion, we held our 4th International conference at the United Nations Headquarters on November 29, 2016. We studied the possibility that EcoDrive has as one of the sustainable environmental measures in this conference and we have compiled the “EcoDrive Declaration” by discussing with each country’s automobile industries with a view to promoting EcoDrive to the world.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude for support of everyone related with this “EcoDrive Declaration”.
Publisher Hiroshi Maji ASUA,Inc.
Publisher Hiroshi Maji ASUA,Inc.
Ibne Hassan, PhD President of WAFUNIF
Frank Owarish, PhD Executive Director, International Institute for Strategic Research and Training
Jiro Yoshida (Guitarist) UN WAFUNIF Goodwill Ambassador and other performer
Yasuhiro Daisho Professor, School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Chris Nevers Vice President, Energy and Environment, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM)
Petr Dolejsi Director Mobility and Sustainable transport, European automobile manufacturers association,Brussels (ACEA)
Noboru Oba Chairman, Climate Change Subcommittee, Environment Committee, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)
Hirotsugu Maruyama General Manager, Environmental Transport Promotion Division, Eco-Mo Foundation

About Ecodrive Declaration


Eco-Drive declaration is an Eco-Drive textbook that is translated into 7 languages.
This textbook shows not only how to drive, but attitude change also.
As it is written in the SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030, and was announced in COP 21 in Paris, “not only the regulations or technical development are important but change of lifestyle is equally important as well”.
In our opinion, the start of doing Eco-Drive will change our mind.
Eco-Drive can work together to make this world a better place for drivers, passengers, and for all.


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