About the Conference

Title International Conference on
Sustainable Environment, Clean Energy and Safe Mobility
: Multifaceted Dimensions of EcoDrive in Promoting Sustainability
At the United Nations Headquarters
Organizer WAFUNIF
Co-organizer WAFUNIF authorized company, ASUA Inc
Cooperation Permanent Mission of Japan to the UN, Min of Foreign Affairs, Min of Environment
Date Tuesday, November 29, 2016 from 13:00 till 19:30
Venue Conference Room 6, United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017 U.S.A
Participants UN and government officials, automobile organizations, University researchers,
Program general citizens (Approximately 100 participants in total)
Contact International conference Japan Office
In ASUA Inc., 1-11 Ogondori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Japan
TEL: (81) 52-452-6668 Liaison: Nakamura (Ms.) m-nakamura@asua.ne.jp
Official website http://ecodrive-conference.com/news

Our Aim

At present time, global warming countermeasure became an urgent task that all the countries of the world are required to face. Concerning the reduction of CO2 emission, above all, each country conducts tightening of regulations and develops new technologies aiming at own set target value. Especially transportation sector with strikingly increasing CO2 emission not only implements measures on automobile itself but also works on development of a next fuel and road development integrating with government bodies. Furthermore, ‘an integrated measure’ with an involvement of users is required. COP 21 held in last December and Agenda 2030 suggest us to change our life style as a measure that each one of us can practice.
Accordingly, this conference is held aiming at realizing a sustainable society through introducing measures for environment, urban environment and transportation, performing case studies of solutions, and discussing environmental improvement measures.
We plan to have presentations of specific activity reports and successful cases as EcoDrive is believed to have possibilities to achieve a significant result by changing our mind attitude that we all can work on regardless of differences of country, culture and economic environment.

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